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Industry News

China's material film industry is growing steadily. From 2010 to 2017, China's material film output increased from 7.99 million tons to 15.7 million tons, with an compound annual growth rate of 10%.

In 2017, the global sales volume of liquid crystal polymer films and laminates was about 9,050 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7%.

Express packaging film will present a reduction, green, recyclable development trend.

Backlight module optical film will tend to high brightness, thinner, lightweight, high color gamut.

Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties and environmental performance, BOPET film is known as one of the most promising new materials in the 21st century.

China's BOPET film demand accounts for 33% of the total global demand.

The downstream application industries are mainly packaging materials, electronic information, electrical insulation, protective cards, image film, hot stamping foil, solar energy application, optics, aviation, construction, agriculture and other production fields.

At present, the largest application field of polyester film produced by domestic manufacturers is packaging industry, such as food and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and a part of special functional polyester film is used in electronic components, electrical insulation and other high-end fields.

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